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Specialized Security & Consulting Services

Risk Assessments

Kiamalu Consulting & Investigations offers a wide array of professional, specialized security and consulting services to individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations throughout the Honolulu area and the entire state of Hawaii.

Kiamalu Consulting & Investigations is equipped with state-of-the-art ID scanning equipment. Used by all governmental agencies (TSA, VA, etc.) and large businesses (Chevrolet, Circa Casino, etc.) for verification and security purposes, our ID scanning equipment is capable of positively identifying 95% of all fake ID's.


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Our consultants are very experienced and can provide you with expert advice in a variety of specialized fields and issues. Our specialized security team is highly trained on all scanning equipment, first aid, and CPR. Further, our specialized security team is focused on safety, maintaining peace and security in the establishment for the client and patrons, and for minimizing liability and risk.
All members of KCI's specialized security team are licensed for guard services in the State of Hawaii and are qualified to have, have previously held, and are willing to obtain liquor establishment cards as determined by the nature of the business and services conducted. Furthermore, Kiamalu Consulting & Investigations is fully licensed, bonded and insured for this type of work and will add the client to this insurance before the contract, providing additional protection to the client.
The KCI specialized security team is highly experienced in liquor laws and practices. Multiple members of the specialized security team are well-versed in liquor law enforcement and can apply this training when applicable. The specialized security team is more than capable of taking the stress off of the client when it comes to following correct liquor establishment procedures. 
Kiamalu Consulting & Investigations is highly experienced in providing specialized security and consultation services in the following:
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Educational Facilities (Elementary, Middle, & High Schools)
  • Security Consulting
  • Event Security (for patrons/performers)
  • Protection/Escorting Services for VIP's
  • Crisis Management
  • Proactive Contingency Planning
  • Retail Security
Studies have shown that just the presence of an ID scanner at the entrance to an establishment decreases the rate of crime in the establishment by 54%. Additionally, our ID scanning equipment is capable of maintaining an active blacklist to prevent unwanted patrons from disturbing or interrupting the business. In our experience it has been noted that the presence of the specialized security team maintains the safety and satisfaction of the staff and patrons. With the recent large influx of cheap and difficult to identify fake ID's coming out of China, it is becoming more and more important to utilize technology and methods designed to deal with these threats. These new fake ID's are impossible to identify with the naked eye or physical touch, they can only be identified with modern ID scanning technology. 
To learn more about the abundant utility found in modern ID scanning technology click the link below: 

We look forward to assisting you with your specialized security or consulting needs, anywhere in the state of Hawaii and World Wide. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our services and fees.
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ID Scan
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